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Loopcam 2.0!

We’re extremely happy to announce the most extensive Loopcam update ever. Featuring all new user profiles, featuring: Loop Score. A rewarding system that brings you points for every step taken in the world of loops. We’re also very proud to roll out comments and mentions. AND, an all new convenient share view.
It’s simply the best Loopcam so far.

Read more over at the Loopcam blog

InstaCRT 1.5 — with color support!

InstaCRT 1.5

Last week we released the biggest update to InstaCRT ever — version 1.5. The biggers new feature in this release is that we now support photos in color!

The coolest thing is that we actually still are using the very same grayscale CRT screen as we always have, but with some clever tricks we can return photos in full color.

How it works

The original photo

When a color photo are received by the machine it separates the photo into three three channels. One for Red, one for Green and one for Blue. The result are three grayscale photos, each representing how much red, green or blue the image has.

Red channel

Green channel

Blue channel

(Read more about channels on Wikipedia]).

Each channel is sent through the machine, one by one. So for every color photo there are actually three photos taken. This is why they take a bit longer time to process.

The three photos are recombined back into one photo again, creating a full color photo again!

We do all are image processing using ImageMagick but almost every image manipulation app/library/etc is capable of doing this.

What else is new in 1.5?

  • Share to Facebook

  • The whole UI was sent through the InstaCRT machine

  • Lots of bug fixes

Hope you like the new version as much as we do! ^__^

Interested in sharing studio space with us?


Interested in sharing studio space with us? We have 2 available desks right now, for 2975 SEK/month (inc. VAT) each. The price includes internet, coffee, awesome interior design by Uglycute, storage space etc — and a bunch of pretty awesome space mates. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in coming by for a look.

`git yolo`

In your .gitconfig under [alias]:

yolo = push production

then you can deploy with git yolo :—)

Photo Hack Day Berlin 2012

Photo Hack Day brings the most innovative developers and designers to Berlin to hack the future of photography. The goal of the event is to rapidly prototype and build new projects, powering through the night to present a finished product Sunday afternoon.

I was already in Berlin so Erik and Ruben flew here — and brought the whole InstaCRT machine with them from Stockholm on the flight. We set up the machine on site at the hack day so people outside our studio could see it IRL for the first time.

As for the hack, I combined my work with Loopcam and InstaCRT and built an iPhone app called LoopCRT. It uses the soon-to-be-released Loopcam API and lets you filter Loopcam loops through the InstaCRT filter machine — frame by frame.

The judges seem to like my project too and gave me a honorable mention. :D

InstaCRT — Real World Camera Filter


A few days ago we finally released InstaCRT — our real world camera filter (previously mentioned here and here).

The response has been…wow…more than we could ever dreamed of. The Verge interviewed us and wrote an awesome article about the project. Then Engadget (with their half a million followers on Twitter) published their post. A favorite of mine Hack a Day also covered InstaCRT.

And Boing Boing, Fast Company and MSNBC.

Update again
and The Economist

We’re totally blown away by this.

The machine has worked pretty good actually even if queue times can be up to an hour sometimes. The server crashed directly after Engadged’s tweet but after upgrading RAM and optimizing the InstaCRT machine a bit, we could slowly work through the queue (hopefully).

Today we’re upgrading the hardware but the charm of the project is of course that each and every photo has to wait in line before it gets displayed on the old CRT screen.

It’s so fun to a part of this project. We’re blushing by the amounts of tweets, emails, blog and other response posts we’ve got.

To see how it works, look at this video:

If you’d like to download it:


More info on and on Twitter @instacrt.

Also don’t miss Ruben Broman and Erik Wahlström who I made this project with. And, like always, Konst & Teknik for designing the app.



Oh hai!
I'm participating in an excibition called ?Bring Your Own Beamer? tomorrow at Under Bron in Stockholm together with Peter Ström. (I'm only represented by our work though since I'm in Berlin this month).

Have fun!
BYOB Stockholm Hosted by Under Bron

Curated by Barriobajero

30.03.12 Jacob Broms Engblom,
Disa Braunerhielm,
Studio SM,
Simon Mullan,
Martin Löfqvist,
Ilja Karilampi,
Ashby Lee Collinson,
Jonas Holmer,
Jacob Åstrom,
Harald Martin
Peter Ström,
Oscar Ramos,
Aron Kullander-Östling,
Ida lehtonen,
Victoria Durnak,
Viktor Nyström
Oscar Pastarus,
Conan Lai,
Ricardo Juárez. Music: Press & Look Notes BYOB Worldwide