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44 ES Remote Training - 14 May 2020 (TIMINGS IN PST)

Block 1 (1900 - 1950) – Slack / Admin / VTC
(A) Catch up on Slack Posts from previous week
(B) Sign and Send May 07 and May 14 Pay Sheets as per directions from email sent by MCpl Hartmann
(C) Connect with Zoom using either of the following methods NLT 1920
a. Type in Meeting ID - 675 493 468
b. Call 1-778-907-2071, when prompted type in 675 493 468 #
c. Password is “44”
(D) Points/Updates from OC and SSM

Break (1950-2000)

Block 2 (2000 – 2050) – Op LASER-3 Non-HS Personnel outside a LTC Facility
(A) Click link:
(B) Click Tab: Op LASER-3 Non-HS Personnel outside a LTC Facility
(C) Begin Training and complete the 4 modules
(D) Print Certificate and send to Tp WO

Break (2050-2100)

Block 3 (2100-2200) – Tools Package
(A) Lesson – Operation of the HP1 Hydraulic Power Unit
(B) Lesson - Operate the Concrete Breaker (Pionjar) (Disregard video on Slide 25)
(C) Watch video – Operate the Concrete Breaker (Pionjar)